We develop the system 2.0

For several months at MCR Clinic™ we have been working intensively on the introduction of a new version of Clinical Site Manager (CSM™), eSource Remote Viewer (ESRV™), Data Communication Integrator (DCI™).

Version 2.0 will have new functionality, but also friendlier layouts and more accessible interface ergonomics.

DEMO will be available soon.

The most important functionalities of the system 2.0:

>> Mobile application <<

In the new version of the system 2.0 both Clinical Site Manager and eSource Remote Viewer will be available in the mobile application.

The applications will be convenient, user-friendly and intuitive, they will improve communication between the site and the sponsor and will allow for coordination of the entire clinical trial.

Most importantly, they will save all users time.

>> Communication module <<

Currently, a necessity for monitoring clinical trials is daily emails, phone calls and text messages between the investigator and the sponsor.

MCR Clinic™ has created a communication module with dynamically generated forms, allowing site, sponsor, CRO and support staff to efficiently contact, notify and remind each other of various issues.

Implementation of different kinds of notifications and reminders will be available via text message. Most of the information and data of the study or study participant will be generated or attached to the message automatically.

This will speed up communication, making it user-friendly, avoiding errors and adding another layer of data security.

>> Extensive reports: general and detailed<<

 This is an extremely important feature for study coordinators and management to keep track of all clinical trials taking place at a given site. For example, you will be able to see the progress of each study, how many visits there have been in a given study and across all studies, which patients have attended which visits, the costs generated, how many of these have been billed – both at the individual study level and across all studies. 

The new version of the system 2.0 will allow to generate a summary report with detailed information about any study on the level of a particular study, as well as individual study participant (patient) or involved staff (investigator, administrative staff, coordinator, monitor).

It will be possible to show reports in the form of charts depicturing the content of the report (predefined for a given report type) or chosen by the user.

It will be possible to save the report in pdf or another format. For example, at the level of a patient who has a quarterly creatinine lab test, the researcher (doctor) will be able to generate a report showing the change of the result on a timeline.

>> Pricing <<

The new version of Clinical Site Manager will allow for setting different VAT rate in the price list and the margin for each item in the form of amount or percentage.

In addition, it will be possible to freely divide the margin in a given study by center and team (by individual person).

It will also be possible to allocate the cost to the National Health Fund (NFZ) or sponsor, which will allow for a simple separation of procedures from the National Health Fund in order to avoid duplication of settlements with the sponsor and the National Health Fund.

>> Audit Trail <<

Key and very important functionality in clinical research. In the new version of Clinical Site Manager the system we will be able to see what changes have been made in the system, i.e. who introduced them, when and where.

They will be visualized in a user-friendly way, i.e. easily visible history of changes for each element, without the possibility of restoring the previous state/version.


The new version of MCR Clinic systems in DEMO version will be ready for testing soon. We will inform you about the details on the blog and on our Linkedin profile.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Programme 2014-2022.