About us

MCR Clinic™ Systems Support Key Clinical Trials Processes

  • Comprehensive management of research
  • Budgeting and settlement of provided services
  • Intuitive communication with participants
  • Remote monitoring of study progress and quality
  • Fast elimination of errors in documentation
  • Taking care of data quality and safety


MCR Clinic sp. z o.o.

Mgmt. Board

Władysław Halbersztadt


Mariusz Olejniczak

Supervisory Board

Paweł Blachno
Małgorzata Olejniczak
Piotr Koral

What we do

MCR Clinic™ provides truly unique Clinical Trials solutions developed in cooperation with patients, investigators and monitors. With MCR Clinic™, Electronic Health Record becomes your eSource to perfectly spot your trial in time. MCR Clinic™ significantly reduces time and costs. We enable Sites, Sponsors and CRO companies to increase their productivity, accelerate the process and take care of medical and substantial challenges.

Family of our EHR-centric systems covers Remote Monitoring and CTMS with ISF & eTMF functionalities. Thanks to holistic integration and communication solutions, we offer All-in-One approach based on tailored cutting-edge technology for both Monitors and Project Teams, as well as Investigators and Site Teams.

We accelerate 100% real-time Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials through combination of Full Automation in eSource Data Verification and integration with EHR and other systems used in clinical trials. This way, we manage to eliminate the unwanted and incorrect ‘over the shoulder’ access.

We allow a reduced number of physical (on site) monitoring visits, remote access to eSource data and remote monitoring of Clinical Trials.

Meet our Team

“A truly hybrid company & team”