Welcome to Automated Digital Clinical Trials

Remotely Auto Monitor Clinical Trials

MCR eSource Remote Viewer™ provides statistically healthier source data and allows Monitors to remotely access real-time 100% SDV.

Automatically Generate eSource Clinical Data

MCR Clinical Site Manager™ (CSM™) uses EHR data to automate the creation of source documentation. Put an end to manual data entry and verification.

Change is Possible

We relieve researchers and monitors of a number of technical and organizational tasks, allowing them to focus on substantive issues. We facilitate mutual communication, timely completion of tasks and proper accounting.

Present State with No Automation

  • Burdensome and time-consuming trial startup
  • Data in sponsor’s database entered manually
  • Data in sponsor’s database verified manually
  • Daily mails, texts, phone calls between coordinator, investigator and CRA
  • Incomplete information about trial costs
  • Distracted knowledge on conducted trials

MCR Clinic™ eSource Data Automation

  • Efficient trial startup based on plans, price lists
  • Data in sponsor’s databases entered automatically
  • Consequently data verified automatically
  • Communication module with auto-filled forms
  • Costs allocated individually to each participant
  • Reports of all studies in one place (All-In-One)